Difference in Perspectives


A very unconventional post but really I don’t know what forces me to write this. Yesterday when I was sitting in nearby park I met a 5-6 yr old boy and notice a very strange thing. Let me explain that strange things in some detail.
Tell me how you feel when you see a butterfly. I know most of you will answer what’s so unusual as it’s quite a routine habit to see (rather ignoring) butterflies. I asked the same question to that child and he replied “They are quite amazing, just look at there colors. Nature has intentionally given so many colors to them and none to us”, I was amazed to hear this. What has led to such a vast difference in perspectives? I think knowingly or unknowingly in present time we are forgetting (or unable to do so) to find
small measures of happiness and cheers in small things that happen in our daily routine.
Therefore moral of the story is you can find small dose of happiness in every thing, so start searching for that dose this moment only.

Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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D-Ancore said...
27 July 2007 at 10:25 AM  

nice post!!! really liked it!

ZON said...
31 July 2007 at 2:46 PM  

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