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Orkut has recently added one of the biggest privacy feature that enables users to make their scrapbook visible to persons in contact list only.

I am sure this will certainly help in reducing the "unwanted friend requests" from spammers and profile surfers.This privacy feature has been extended to album,videos,testimonials and feeds.
To adjust your level of privacy, go to your settings page and click on "privacy".

[via Orkut blog]

Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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I think,Orkut is easiest tool for social networking.
This is fundamental reason behing Orkut’s success!!!

Privacy of User is good thing, but I think Orkut is loosing it's principal. It's going too much.
There should be no lock on Scrap, pics or anything. There are other ways to protect mass scraps.

If someone doesn't want to show his scrap to people online, he/she uses Gmail chat. If someone wants to hide his/her picture, uses a photo blog.

Otkut is an open space, One can see everything that is going on. So one can know one's likes, dislikes, type. If everything goes well, it's easy to add him/her as friend.
If this principal is broken, orkut is going to become a “webmail site”, and surely there are better options available in Market.Why Orkut???

HappY Orkutting...Please don't destroy this open Space....

Brijix said...
12 December 2007 at 1:33 PM  

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