Flashphone Beta : Free VoIP Calls From Browser


FlashPhone launches a free service that enables to make international/local calls directly from the Internet on your computer.
This service is currently in Beta stage therefore it can be accessed to limited number of countries(Complete list).

To make these calls you need only Adobe flash player(Ver.9 or above) and a headset.
To begin you must register with the site, filling out some general information. Then you are ready to go and can make your free international calls. When you want to make a call you are directed to a screen with which looks like a calling pad with all of the numbers two bottoms with images of phones, green to call red to hang up. From there you make your call remembering all of the country codes.

Temporarily, the call duration is limited to 3 minutes and 3 calls per day which can be easily extended by opening more accounts.Though this can't be used in Apple Iphone as it doesn't support Adobe Flash Player yet.Anyways, it's still a very cool and useful application that must be looked on.

Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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