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Get 800 today is a toll free phone service.That is, people sign up with them to get a Toll Free Numbers. They server in United States and Canada. In addition to above service they also Transfer a Toll Free Number and deal in Prepaid Toll Free Numbers.

Immediate activation, flat rate of 3.9 cents per minute anytime and anywhere within the 48 US continental states, incoming calls can be forwarded to any phone you choose, ability to forward calls internationally, and ability to manage account online are among the benefits we can get.

What is the benefits of joining Get800Today?

* For as little as 3.9 cents a minute,you are able to make calls around 48 U.S states
* and 6.9 cents a minute to make calls to countries such as Canada and Hawaii
* Easy 3 steps installation that requires you to setup an account and choose your preferred 800/866/877/888 toll-free number,followed by entering your forwarding number and lastly to choose a Prepaid amount and you are on your way to be making calls to as far as Hawaii instantly!
* Whats more is that Get800Today gives you a free 60 minutes trial to help you save more money
* Speaking about prices,Get800Today has a comparative advantage of providing lower rates compared to AT&T in terms of Interstate phone rates and Monthly charges
* Get800Today also offers call forwarding services
* It also allows you to forward calls internationally
* There is no contracts,No contracts, no long term commitments or penalties for cancellation
* No credit card checks and you can manage your account online
* And also automatic balance remindes when your account balance is low to ensure that you can top up for more usage.

It is possible for an individual to have a toll free number as well, since it is cheaper than a long distance call, a cellular phone call, and calling card calls. It is a great way to stay in touch with certain friends or family members. The good thing is that you don’t have to use it all the time because with they have no minimum usage requirements, no monthly fees, no contracts, no long term commitments, and no penalties for cancellation too.
Be knowledgeable at Toll Free Blog to know of the benefits and how toll free numbers work for business and personal use. Make sure you will not miss any important calls because of office hours or time zone differences. Get your number at and make your business available to your clients 24/7. By allowing new clients and current customers easy access to your goods and services, success is at your hands.

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