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Broadband speed check is a good site that provides option to check your broadband speed online. They also provide various tips on speeding up the net connection.

  • How it works??
Start the speed checker by clicking the big button in the center of the page. The check first starts by downloading a file and measures how long it takes. After the download is finished the speed checker tries to upload a file and measures your upload speed.The speed checker measures the speed at the time of the test so if your network is running slow at that time then speed checker will report a slow speed. This does not necessarily mean that your internet connection is slow at the other times.Our upload speed test is done to a server in the UK. If you are in a different country then upload speed might not be that accurate. The download speed should be accurate all around the world as we use content delivery network with multiple servers around the world.

You can also install there software on your site or web site to enable your blog visitors to check their speed connection. In addition to this they also provides broadband packages having speed upto 24 Mbps and they are the cheapest broadband packages available . Subscribe through mail to their daily tips of speeding up internet connection at free of cost.

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