Mint Credit Card


Credit cards are quite common today.There are various credit cards available with different features and advantages.
Recently Mint Credit cards are launched which has many advantages over current credit cards.Like Mint Credit Cards are offering a 0% card rate on purchases until May 01 2008, and 0% on balance transfers until December 01 2008 with a 2.5% balance transfer fee (see full details on their website).You can also apply for motor or home insurance with the help of this card.
With this credit card consolidation you can pay your all bills without any service charge up to certain amount.Paying your bills with very low interest rate is a unique feature of this product.Also this card come in very stylish design and accepted all over the globe.
So if you are planning to buy new credit card then this mint credit card can definitely suits you and provide the best possible advantage over others.

Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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