A CRM and Lead Management Solution


Customer Relations Management (CRM) is a very important aspect for all businesses.
There are many CRM softwares in the market, trying to make CRM automated and easier to manage..Aimpromote's customer relationship software is designed to flag this up using a Lead Attention Meter, so that sales managers can see at a glance which leads are being neglected.
So if your company is looking for a software to handle customers and don't have a very high budget for the same. But you would like to provide your customers with the facilities like the big dogs, then you are looking at the roght place.
The best feature of Aimpromote is that it is very easy to implement and easier to learn. You'll save loads of time in the training and configurations, which gives AimPromote an edge on other CRMs in the industry. Now you can try AIMpromote for a full featured 14-day free trial and see yourself how good this software is in significantly increasing your sales and improving business intelligence. AIM Promote will do for you what no over CRM software has ever done before - not waste your time learning the software, yet provide you with the facilities that you really need.You can not go wrong with Aimpromote. It's worth looking into.

Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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