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Branding is a fine art (and a science). It is all about creating a unique identity and maintaining it. Whether you are running your own business or you are part of a big company, you will always want to impress more and more prospective customers, how to capture the most important aspects of your business and transform it into a unique brand for your potential clients is very important. A wonderful brand may attract your potential customers and make them become real ones. But without a clear program for communication, you just blend in - you become part of the scenery. You may promote, and advertise. But along the way, communication often gets fragmented.
Scott White is President of Brand Identity Guru, a leading brand consulting and market research firm located in Easton, Massachusetts, USA, near Boston.
Brand Identity Guru specializes in creating corporate and product brands that increase sales, market share, customer loyalty, and brand valuation.
Brand Identity Guru will also outline your company’s profile base on your trade ads, annual reports, trade show booths, brochures, sell sheets, training videos, newsletters, press releases, and etc. They have the powerful tools like BIGPicture™ and BrandMasterpiece™ that could determine the alignment of your marketing and branding strategy. What else are you looking for? If I am a businessman myself, I would surely want to start my business with a competitive edge from others.

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