Car Angel

Thursday is a Non-Profit Christian organization that is working hard to help those in need. Car Angel Ministries is raising the funds to help single mothers, orphaned children, at-risk youth, and the homeless. You can become a Car Angel by donating a car, RV, Boat, plane, house, or, a 501c3 non - profit charitable organization, makes the concept of Los Angeles Car donations simple.
Individual car donations are sold by the charity at retail and wholesale auctions generating needed funds for our charity programs and giving the donors quick disposals of their car, truck or recreational vehicle. In short, it's an efficient and useful donation method.There are many abandoned people, orphans and many others who need vehicles for transportation but they can no way afford to get one.
They will pick up your vehicle for free, and you will receive an IRS tax deduction.Only way for them is people come out and check out the opportunities like Los Angeles Car Donations and it will bring in light into their lives. You don't need to worry about anything on transportation or repairs and they will take care of everything. The only thing which you should have is the magnanimous heart of donating your car. You can also get tax exemption and tax advices from the experts. Even if it is in someone else's name they will take the necessary action to get it transferred.
The also do other stuff out of the proceeds like making animation movies and sending Free Children's DVDs. Go ahead and help the needy and you can also get the satisfaction of making a change in the lives of many abandoned souls. So if you're seeking a qualified charity , consider Car Angel Ministries. It has thousands of satisfied car donors. For more information, phone 1-800-227-2643 or visit the web site to Donate a car.

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