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Hotel Reservations has comparable listings for some places I would like to stay, and they are currently offering a $100 rebate through their Special Internet Rate Price Guarantee.The site says it offers “great discounts on world wide destinations” as well as “cheap hotels, motels, resorts, vacations rentals etc” so being Australian I tested how what their pricing and range of flights are from the perspective of an American tourist travelling to Sydney after a stopover in Melbourne because this is the third busiest air corridor in the world for domestic customers as well as overseas visitors from Europe, Asia and North America.Anyone preparing to make travel arrangements should always use internet resources to research possible hotels or travel destinations. Purchasing airplane tickets is only one part of the trip, and in my opinion a no-brainer. However, finding the right hotel is another story all together.The location information on the site licenced from The Rough Guides was reasonably up to date but it would be useful for customers to also see the current exchange rate for major currencies eg: $US, Pound, Euro etc versus the Australian Dollar. offers more than 70,000 properties worldwide - from hotels to B&B's to condos to all inclusive resorts. offers the information travelers need to book the perfect trip all backed by the Price Guarantee, see details on website.
Hotel Reservations offers very competitive rates on hotels ,motels,resorts and I recommend you give them a call once you have an ideal destination in mind. They offer Guaranteed Lower Rates so calling them to speak with a travel agent might just get you in the hotel you really want.
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