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Chapman House is dedicated to providing those with chemical dependency, dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders with the highest quality of professional care available.
It is is ranked as a #1 addiction treatment provider. Specialized, successful methods are used to treat chemical dependency. Our Detox2day program is accomplished safely, comfortably and in complete confidence. We also treat people with addictions such as gambling and sex addiction. Chapman House; affordable treatment with lifesaving results!
They also offer family intervention, psychological testing, drug testing and other services to help end addiction.
Intervention is a technique that was originated by Vernon Johnson of the Johnson Institute in Minnesota. Mr. Johnson’s original idea was to create a “controlled crisis” for the Alcoholic who was reluctant to enter into treatment. This type of Intervention was then modified to address all crisis situations. Intervention, when conducted by a trained professional is 96% successful in convincing a reluctant person to enter into treatment.
Chapman House is available to conduct Urine Drug/Alcohol Testing for anyone concerned about substance abuse. All test results are held strictly confidential between the client and Chapman House, unless the client pre-authorizes Chapman House (in writing) to release the results of a test.
During the initial stages of alcohol and drug treatment, a diagnosis of the individual’s circumstances must be made. This will encompass every aspect of the patient’s life. Personality, social interactive behavior patterns, disposition, severity of the addiction, length of time of the drug abuse, type and common dosages of the drug being abused and many other factors must be thoroughly examined to make a full diagnosis and choose the right course of action to treat the patient. One matter that is extremely important to consider is the particular personality of the patient. The susceptibility of the patient to personality disorders is important to address as it can have a massive impact on any alcohol and drug treatment that may be used.

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