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Do you use candles at home? Have you ever heard of soy candles? I hadn't I until I discovered Caterpillarscandles.com.
There are absolutely TONS of benefits to burning soy candles as opposed to the average petroleum based candles currently on the market. Foremost, soy wax is a much cleaner burning wax. They also burn MUCH longer than the petroleum based candles do, making them much more worth the money spent upon their purchase. I got into making soy candles myself late last year & it is so fun! Now that I am shorter on time, I only buy soy candles- never the petroleum based wax candles.
The candles from Caterpillarscandles.com are made from soy beans, which means that when they become popular, they should be quite cheap. Right now they´re still expensive because they are sold as a luxury item. But you could buy some Wholesale Soy Candles which should decrease the price a bit.

Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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