Direct Upload Video to Blogs


Blogger has now enabled Direct Video Uploading to your blogs. There is now no need to first upload video to Youtube and all the hassles of pasting the Embed code in your blog post. You can directly upload videos without leaving your Post Editor in Blogger and the videos are uploaded to Google Video and the code placed in your blog post automatically. Morever after uploading the video it is automatically converted into a video podcast.
It will help if you enable the enclosure links for podcasting.To turn on enclosure links, just go to Settings --> Formatting and set the “Show Link fields” option to “Yes.” This will add the enclosure link fields to your post editor. From there, just paste in the URLs of your recorded media, and your blog will instantly become a podcast.
To add a video to your post login to Blogger Dashboard and click on New Post link. Then in Post Editor click the new square 'Add Video' icon in top frame.

Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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