Will WikiScanner kill off Wikipedia.org?


The recent development of WikiScanner, a program that tracks edits by IP address on Wikipedia.org, has made some interesting revelations. The program has shown that the CIA and FBI have been editing Wikipedia entries about current affairs to better suit the taste of their own images. For example the FBI removed photos of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and the CIA changed an entry on the CIA chief William Colby by bolstering his merits in the Vietnam War.

It has also been shown that IP addresses resolving to the BBC network have made a stunning 7,000 anonymous edits, including some rather juvenile edits. One such edit changed George Walker Bush’s name to George Wanker Bush. Another edit changed an American labeling of terrorist to freedom fighters.

With these edits coming to light by some pretty heavy hitters, does this not make you ask yourself “who else is editing what?” So my question is this: has Wikipedia become a source to display propaganda or a place to play pranks by vandalizing entries. What do these revelations do to Wikipedia’s credibilitity?Who knows but I think from now on I will definitely cross reference Wikipedia before I take anything as fact from there.

Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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