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Don’t you just hate it when you have to copy a bunch of data from one computer to another and the whole time Windows keeps bothering you with those stupid messages like “File XXX is read-only file, do you want to copy?” or “File is a hidden file, would you like to copy?” This is especially painful if you are copying lots and lots of files and some files are read-only, hidden, or already in the destination location.

Well using Unstoppable Copier, all Windows system messages will simply be ignored and your data will be copied without any interruptions (so you can leave your desk instead of staring at your screen for 2 hours waiting for one of those stupid dialogs to pop up)!! It’s a very small program and it’s main purpose actually is to be used to recover files from hard disks with physical damage.

Usually, if a disk is damaged (bad sectors or scratched disks), you’ll get an error message that the file could not be read or something similar and you’re pretty much screwed! But this program will simply read it anyway and try to put the pieces together itself. With this method, most of files can be recovered even if all the data was not readable. The process can be changed using a slider bar to intense data recovery (which is will slower) to skipping all damaged sections (fastest). Of course, if you need your thesis back, waiting 5 hours just might be worth it!

The file may be only recoverable up to the damaged point, but at least you’ll get something back rather than losing it all. This program works for documents, videos, MP3’s…just about any type of file!

I just used this program to transfer about 3 GB’s data and it worked FABULOUSLY!!! This is a great program. Usually, I get about 3 to 4 messages asking me stupid things, but not one this time! Really cool program, one of the most useful I’ve seen in a long time.

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