Bacteria can store Data too


Storing data is gonna get a lot easier in future thanks to Bacterias. Yeah those microscopic organisms would be the future storage devices and guess what they can store your data for MILLIONS of years.

The four characters of the DNA T, C, A and G ( Thymine, Cytosine, Adenine & Guanine {i still remember those biology terms} respectively ) which represent the genetic coding in DNA work much like digital data. Character combinations can stand for specific letters & symbols- so codes in genomes can be translated, or read, to produce music text, video & other content.

While ink may fade and computers may crash, bacterial information lasts as long as a species stays alive - possibly a mind boggling million years - according to Masaru Tomita, who heads the team of researchers at Kieo university in Japan.

Tomita’s team successfully inserted into a common bacterium Albert Einstein’s Famous ‘E equals MC square’ equation.

Genetic coding is so massive that the information say a, Shakespeare play can be stashed away some-where in the gene without affecting an organism’s overall appearance and other traits. But mutation could distort data Tomita says data are stored in four places in the bacteria so the data stays intact.

So if this is made possible wide spread what will we see?? Bacteria’s on sale in Computer Store. But no need to sell them because they are “ALL AROUND US”. Imagine catching a bacteria which was accidentally lost by someone having one of the movies you want. Sharing data will become so easy

Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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