Resources and Strategy


Regarding resources i think first of all you should be very well through to your institute's materials, books and notes.After that if you find enough time(which is nil in my case) than you can definitely go for other resources(though i don't like this idea) but do this only when you are confident about that topic.Because generally what happens is in one go you will find many a topics quite complicated so you start searching for alternative notes/material hoping that you will definitely understand from that but it doesn't happen ,moreover that topic will always bother you in future.Therefore best is to focus on only one institutes notes.Always remember in entrance exams no one can secure 100% marks so be wise and always try to make a target that is achievable and practical in your case.Every individual is different from other so never get influenced by others target.
When you have a genuine difficulty in understanding some part of any topic you can also post your query at various discussion forums such as, as these forums are quite active and you will get your problem solved quickly.

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