Marketing:A Technique to play with your Minds


No doubt marketing a product is the main aspect of its sale but have you ever wondered how this promotion is done? No,No i am not talking about there ad campaigns but there indirect campaign that provoke your mind to buy it whether you are interested or not.
Seems too confusing,let me explain by some examples.
Everybody has visited McDonald's,now suppose you order only a burger ,i am sure the person on the counter will definitely ask you about Cold drink(you will find no H2O traces) or french fries along with your order.So what does that means? Actually it's like a mind game where other people try to enforce many a things in your minds so that it becomes your habit.We all know that these soft drinks are not good for health(i know it's disputable question) but still we can't help it and we end up in buying.An interesting fact about this is McDonald's earns a whooping 32-33%(read while there was controversy over pesticides in soft drink,though i try to find the exact figure on net but not able to do so) of there sales from soft drinks only.
The other instance to prove is the "legalisation of guns in US".In US every newspaper/television channel was showing about murders/thefts which enforces such a fear among the local citizens that keeping gun was to be made a legal act.
And if you read "The Hindustan Times" you will definitely be aware of the short article on brunch section in editorials where they put many methods/techniques of drinking specialized wines in specialized glasses.Actually what they are trying to do is put an image of a product in your mind so that next time you bought there product only.
Moreover,all the liquor making companies in India have launched there music companies to promote(as liquor ad is banned ) there liquor products.Indirectly they are doing all the things while remaining under law.
Therefore next time when you are purchasing something ask these 2 questions to yourself.First,whether it's of any use to me.And second,what will my nation gain out of it and you will see all your queries melting away.
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Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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