Magic of Literature-"Harry potter" or "The lord of the rings"??


Harry Potter is a household name, whose fate has been decided by Rowling. Everyone who has read or saw wanted to be in Rowling's magic world. For only one moment we all want to play quidditch, meet Dumbledore and face Dark lord aka Voldemort (who must not be named).It's amazing how Rowling has created this magic land where owls deliver messages, candy of vomit taste, platform 93/4nd famous broomstick "Nimbus 200X".Every detail given is sufficient to take us in imagination.

Like Potter there was another such story before this one which describes Middle Earth and war between man and elves for a magical and the most powerful ring, yes I am talking about JRR Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings". This is one of the most powerful creations in the world of literature. Every thing in the book is described so minutely that many a times I wonder whether this is fiction or something that has happened much before this time.

No doubt these two books have redefined the word 'Magic' in terms of literature. They make reader to ponder about the existence of such things.

But many things between those two epics are coincidently similar. I must ask for pardon if I offend but no one can deny the fact of various common aspects between two of them.

  • First and foremost the old, long beard Dumbledore and Gandalf who are depicted as guide of Harry and Frodo.
  • Presence of Ron and Hermione to Merry and Pippin, infact Ron is more like Sam Gamgee.
  • Minister Fudge and King Théoden who share their tendency to jump to denial in a bad situation.
  • Household-elf Tubby and Gollum more or less of same type in appearance.
  • Wormtongue and Wormtail who share more than synonymous names and lowly behavior.
  • And of course, Lord Voldemort (who must not be named) and Lord Sauron (who they do not name) .Not only they are described as Dark lord but also the familiar plotting of their rebirth and their quest to attain black world.

Though there are similarities but the plotting style of Rowling is quite different to Tolkien’s. We can take “The Lord of the Rings” as an inspiration to Rowling’s “Harry Potter and series”.

I am dying to know the end of Harry but I think as in the end of “The Lord of the Rings” series neither Frodo nor Gandalf had died, therefore in “Harry Potter and series” too Harry and Dumbledore will escape death.

Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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