Exploding Motorola Phone kills Chinese welder


A welder in western China was killed when a mobile phone battery exploded in his chest pocket. The incident took place when his cell phone suddenly exploded after apparently being exposed to high temperatures on June 19 after which he passed away as the explosion had broken his ribs and its fragments had pierced his heart.
While there have been several reports of injuries in the past, this appears to be the first fatality resulting from a cell phone battery explosion. It has not yet been determined whether the battery was an original Motorola battery or not.
I think that it's going to be a PR disaster for Motorola although the battery used in the exploding phone was not from the company itself. Its name however will forever be attached to record of being the first phone to kill a man in an explosion.
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It's a wake up call to all of us who are now so addicted to our cell phones. They look beautiful and harmless and appears to be an integral part of our being, but it too can kill!

Things to remember about cell phones:
1. Don't use your cell phone while driving.
2. Turn off your cell phones while putting in gas to your car.
3. If you can, don't scrimp on cheap imitation batteries.
4. Don't use your cell phone while charging the battery.

Be careful now!
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Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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