Another controversy!!


It seems that another India actress (Bipasha Basu, this time) has got herself in the middle of a charming little controversy. She was apparently kissed by Cristiano Ronaldo (yes, the ManUnited soccer player) at some party or something, although she vehemently denies it. I am not sure though if Shiv Sena, the great guardians of Indian culture will be too pleased with this. Kissing, you see, is considered completely against our cultural values.
Just look what Bips had to say about this controversy -
"I don't need to explain my behavior. I'm a free-spirited person. But I'm not footloose. It takes me a long time to become close to anyone. I'm certainly not some giddyheaded teenager who would get so carried away in Ronaldo's company that I'd kiss him in public. My business manager Tanuja and dress designer Rocky S were present, would I be that dumb? There are far more discreet and private places to do such things. Even if I was single, I would not get carried away at my first meeting with a 22-year-old boy, no matter how big a celebrity he is, to misbehave with him in public."
That is the Bipasha we know and that is the Bipasha we cheer for. Way to go Bips!

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