Pratibha Patel -Controversial Prez candidate


Whether controversies is following her or she is following controversies.I think both of the statements are very true.Firstly,she has been accused of shielding her brother G N Patil, who is allegedly involved in a murder which took place in 2005 on the Mumbai-Agra highway.
Secondly,that her sugar factory owed crores to cooperative bank in Maharashtra and another issue over land in her native town.
And finally,she said in a public function that she spoke to a man who died 38 years ago.
Surprisingly, she had attended the function at the 70th anniversary of establishment of Prajapita Brahmakumari Ashram, in her capacity as Governor of Rajasthan, but still went on to say that 'she had conversation with Lekhraj Baba through Daadi Hriday Mohini.

In front of a gathering, Pratibha Patil, said that "Lekhraj Baba's spirit (aatma) came into the body of Hirday Mohini and spoke to her". It has only caused further embarrassment for the Congress and the UPA as Pratibha, who is all set to head the nation in 21st, seems to believe in 'occult' and spirits.

Belief in religion is a different thing but superstition and more so, airing these views in public function, from a public figure is surely alarming. Shivraj Patil was rejected as candidate also because he is a firm believer in Sathya Sai Baba (Leftists had reservations on his uncompromising belief).
Such a statement coming from the Prez candidate is definitely a cause of concern

Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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