Protection from Hardware Keyloggers


Hardware keyloggers are one of the most common things that you will notice in public computers or in cyber cafe. As the hardware keylogger is plugged in-between the keyboard and computer, it detects the password has been typed and then starts presenting the computer with "typed" data to produce a menu.

To counteract these small bombs few precautionary steps should always be taken before using any public computer.

1) Try to use virtual keyboard in Windows so that you don't press any key and hence keylogger can't store any password.

2) In case virtual keyboard is not available or deleted then install this software developed by Neo Aplin (Download Link) which provides a virtual interface from where you can type your password and username.

Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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I use PrivacyKeyboard program. It has a built-in virtual keyboard which ensures protection from hardware keyloggers. Besides, it protects from software keyloggers too!

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