HTML code for Text effects in blogger


Here is the list of some useful HTML code that I use while writing a blogger post.Though there are various option in Post editor but some of them like underlining,highlighting,striking etc are still not available.

--> Type your text like this <u>Infotix</u>

--> Read previous post at Creating Strikethrough Text

3)Writing HTML code inside post
--> Visit How to write HTML code inside blogger post

4)Line on top of Text
--> Type your text like this <span style="text-decoration: overline">Infotix</span> to give Infotix

5)Highlighting the text
--> Insert your text like this <span >Infotix</span> to give Infotix
For different colors type "BLUE","YELLOW" etc...

--> Type your text like this Infotix.<sub></sub> to give

--> Type your text like this Infotix.<sup></sup> to give

Submitted by Gaurav Jain

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